Feeling blessed
23rd May 2018
So lucky to have wonderful clients...

Birty's baby
17th April 2018
Anyone who knows me knows how special my dogs are to me; they are members of the family. The latest one we rehomed is a gem. His name is Birty, our little Cocker Spaniel, who has already featured in this blog back in February when he joined us.

Today, I had the pleasure to photograph his one-year-old Sprocker son Max, his companion the Springer Spaniel Ruby, as well as two miniature lop eared rabbits, who live in the owner's lounge.

It is always such an honour to photograph someone else's special family members. Can't wait to show the owners the results of our shoot. Here's a little preview.

PS Birty's son is the black one.

Winning streak
06th April 2018
What a night my camera club Print of the Year competition turned out to be; ended up winning three of the four categories. Thank you so much to all my lovely clients without whom I would not be able to produce these images. And, of course, the judge Royston Williamson, who made such lovely comments about my work.

Many faces
09th March 2018
I so enjoy creating a set of headshots for actors. A slight change in the tilt of the head, outfit, hair — it all makes for completely different looks.

Vestimenta to expand
08th March 2018
It's always a pleasure working for a local business, but especially for the stylish owners of the fashion business Vestimenta, Kayley and Chania, who are in the process of developing their new website. As well as that, you will be able to buy their clothes in Dorking at Gorgeous Girties.

Here are the images we created for their new website, which will go live shortly.

The new man in my life
28th February 2018
As those who know me are aware, my life is not complete without a couple of snouts.

I grew up with Alsatians and have had lurchers for many years now, but after some awful episodes with my beloved greyhound crosses — epilepsy, cancer, dislocated and broken hip, followed by a broken neck — I took the opportunity of taking on a different breed, a little six-year-old Cocker Spaniel, a couple of weeks ago.

And am I besotted with my little retired gun dog. He is such a star and makes me smile every day — the most loyal, happy and adorable companion you could possibly wish for — so here he is, please meet Birty, enjoying today's little dusting of snow...

A special partnership
23rd January 2018
It's great to see these two again, Spencer Wilton and Neville (Supernova II). Our first shoot was way back in 2013 — and what a journey they've been on since then — now silver team Olympic medallists. I feel immensely privileged to be in a position to capture their special bond.

Many thanks to all Team Wilton members for their help today — supergroom Claire Hinton and PA extraordinaire Claire King.

Our beautiful British seaside
09th January 2018
I just adore the British seaside, whatever the weather and especially in the winter. I had the fortune of spending a few days in a house overlooking the sea at Elmer near Bognor.

It was so hard to leave. I just love the light, the ever-changing weather, the feeling of space. Storm Eleanor was spectacular to watch, the power of the sea.

Here is one of my favourite images.

Happy New Year.

Beautiful nature
06th December 2017
Finally have had a chance to look at some images I took out on a bike ride a few weeks ago. I so love autumn colours and had to photograph this tree when I saw it. Those colours are true to life - how things change in a matter of days...

Baby love
08th November 2017
People say you shouldn't work with animals and children. Perhaps I'm mad, but I love it (this little man was particularly adorable). Here is one of my favourite images from the commercial shoot for Holmwood Osteopathy.

I so enjoy combining different genres of photography as I did on this shoot: architectural and portraiture. It may be challenging, but it's oh so rewarding.

Click here to view a larger selection of images from this shoot.

Foggy winter's morning
07th November 2017
There's nothing quite like a foggy winter's morning...

Out To Win
05th November 2017
Horsey people are just the most dedicated, passionate and committed lot, as this image proves. Taken at the Cranleigh Show this summer, I decided to enter it in competition the other day. Entitled "Out To Win", it earned top marks.

Just can't resist...
10th September 2017
...posting another pic of this adorable chap...

A weekend's work
21st July 2017
So wonderful to see my weekend's graft published in Horse & Hound magazine this week, words and photos (all bar one as I wasn't there on the Friday).

Dr Hickstead Regionals 2pp 20jul

Another adorable Harry
11th July 2017
How absolutely scrumptious is this little man, but then I'm slightly biased as he's called Harry, like my son.

03rd July 2017
Busy editing the images I was commissioned to take by the Cranleigh Show organisers. Here's a shot I couldn't resist creating...

28th June 2017
I love that name and Dudley didn't disappoint — this bright ginger Irish Sport Horse did strike some stunning poses despite the slightly damp weather — and what lovely owner too.

A magnificent grey
08th June 2017
After a year of planning and postponements, it finally happened; equine nutritionist Fiona Watkins had her photoshoot with her magnificent 17.2hh Irish Sporthorse Brabus.

What a horse, he was truly amazing, a perfect gentleman and model. Here's the sneak peek. Can't wait to edit the rest!

31st May 2017
I've been photographing properties for estate agents for more than a year now and have had the fortune of creating images of some special homes. Some rooms are more special than others though. And this bathroom floats my boat...

Love my job
22nd May 2017
I was asked to photograph a property for the first time last year. It was a flat in Monks Manor in Okewood Hill. Since then, I have developed this side of my work as I absolutely love going around people's houses, looking at different architecture and interior design.

Therefore I'm chuffed to bits to be working for the new, innovative, upmarket estate agent house., who pride themselves on being different.

Working for someone who appreciates creative property photography and positively encourages it within this sector is just a dream.

Here's a link to one of their properties